How To Use The SMS Service For Leaving Your House During Lockdown

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 21 April 2021
How To Use The SMS Service For Leaving Your House During Lockdown
To contain the spread of the coronavirus in Greece, the government continues to implement nationwide law-enforced lockdown.

If you need to leave your home, you can use the following SMS service to inform authorities about going outdoors. Remember to always carry some form of identification (driver's license or ID card) with you at all times in case you are stopped by the police.

It is essential to be diligent and careful in order to avoid fines and needless inconvenience. 

The Greek Government announced that as of Friday, May 14th 2021 the SMS system will no longer be required.

A new code number for Retail Shopping - Code 13032
Shopping at retail stores within our regional unit is now possible, and the Greek governement has intrododuced a new 5-digit number for this purpose: 13032.
To use this new SMS Code, write your full name and address and send it to 13032. Keep in mind that this SMS code can be used once per day and for a duration of 3 hours. 

The steps for sending an SMS are:

A.  Create a new SMS message to 13033 (free of charge).
B.  In the body of the message write, the code number that corresponds to your reason for going out (outlined below), your full name, and address. Your message should look like this: Code number (space) Full name (space) Address.

The code numbers for going out during the lockdown are as follows:

1. Leaving your home for health reasons. Namely, going to the pharmacy, visiting a doctor, or going to a hospital or health center– if it is deemed necessary after communicating with your doctor.

2. Leaving your home to go to the supermarket/mini-market if home delivery isn't possible. Citizens can only use this code within their municipality.

3. Leaving your home to go to a public service office if electronic or telephone service is not possible. You will need to set an appointment for which you'll be informed electronically and under the condition of showing proof of the above information. Leaving your home to go to the bank if an electronic transaction is not possible. Citizens can only use this code within their municipality.

4. Leaving your house to help people in need, transfer a spouse or first-degree relative to and from work, or accompany a student to and from school. Authorities are likely to request verifications to ensure citizens are visiting a person in need.

5. Leaving your house to attend a funeral, under the conditions provided by law, or for the transition of separated parents, which is necessary to ensure the child's communication with the parent.

6. Leaving your home to do some physical exercise outdoors or to walk your dog, individually or in pairs, provided that a safe distance of 1.5 meters is observed. Leaving your home to feed stray animals, provided that the transition is within the municipality of your residence. Furthermore, citizens can now visit other municipalities for excercise purpose only on weekends using SMS Code 6.

This content has been sourced and prepared by Codico Lab.