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We are a team of enthusiastic global citizens who have chosen to make Athens our home. We are passionate about living well, creating local community, and helping others to discover, experience and appreciate Greece as a global cultural hub, as well as a thriving and vibrant European country!

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Elena Tzavara - Director
I was 15 years old when I told my mom that I’ll be moving to Greece, and I made this dream a reality literally the day after graduating from university in my hometown of Toronto in Canada. Athens is and feels like home - the energy this city has is simply wonderful. XpatAthens came into my life like one of those ‘standing on the right corner at the right time moments’ in 2012 and I’ve since had the fortunate experience of serving, connecting and growing Greece’s largest international community. I absolutely love the work that we do and feel proud of our team, but also of the amazing community and all that they contribute to our great city and country.

Nikos Apergis - Digital Coordinator
I’ve been serving our international community through XpatAthens since 2014. Coming from a Greek/English family, I have always been trying to find unique ways to blend these two cultures which made me passionate about helping fellow expats to discover, experience, and appreciate Greece. I have a Masters Degree in International Business specializing in Digital Content and Social Media. I love traveling, reading, and taking long walks with my dog Marley along the seafront in southern Athens!

Angeliki Vourliotaki - Content Specialist
I'm Angeliki and I'm a Psychology graduate. I’ve been living in Athens my whole life and exploring the city is my absolute favorite thing to do! I’m always trying to find unique things to do and I love spreading the word about them, sharing my thoughts, interests, and recommendations with our readers! I love traveling and I’m a passionate writer, musician, and language learner.

XpatAthens Team