Codico Lab - A Small Business Agency


Nurturing business digitally, we support the personal and professional needs of small businesses, startups and independent entrepreneurs. We understand the universal needs of a small business and care for your livelihood like we do for our own. A team of globally minded professionals, we understand the complexities of starting, running and growing a business and are about finding solutions that meet your needs for the stage you’re at right now.

DO IT - Whether you’re ready to start a business or are still day-dreaming about it, we help you every step of the way with developing an idea into a vision, and into reality. We absolutely love business and thrive when helping others to develop their own.

CHANGE IT - Have you been impacted by personal or external challenges, or perhaps you’re ready to make some changes to your existing business and need the objective view of an experienced and professional third party. Regardless of what stage you’re at, we can help with discovering the change and making the change.

SUSTAIN IT - We work with established entrepreneurs and small businesses that seek innovative ideas and practical solutions to keep their business moving forward. We can help with product or service development, sales and marketing, and overall digital presence.

Everyone’s needs are different, as are our budgets. If you’re unsure about your needs or are worried about spending, have a look at our website because there are always solutions!