Vision, Mission & Values

We do not have to live divided and alone because of remote work and a highly digital existence. We are all one, and this means we live collectively and as a whole.

It is our vision to be a platform that creates real, honest, and authentic connection, where honorable work gives life, health and happiness to everyone. It is our vision to live globally, connect people, bridge cultures, and share knowledge. 

We believe that sustainable community creates sustainable economy, which in turn provides us with a sustainable existence. Our nonprofit organization creates community, provides community, and supports community – globally and locally - virtually and physically.
It is our mission to sustainably and digitally support, connect, and develop local communities - their people, businesses, educational systems, social structures and organizations.
  • Consciously, sustainably, and creatively building physical and digital community.
  • Global connection through local living.
  • Respect and acceptance of all local cultures, their land and their people.
  • Moving about the globe respectfully, with care, awareness, and with low impact on local communities and on our Earth.
  • Balance, harmony, excellence, responsibility of self, and compassion for others.
  • Global citizens.
  • The ease of communication and understanding, and the growth of knowledge between all people and their unique cultures.
  • Bridging people, knowledge and information.
  • The continued improvement of our lives and the lives of others in the communities that we live in, as well as the communities that we visit.
  • A healthy, respectful and sustainable existence on our Earth.

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