Established in 2007, XpatAthens is a trusted platform that the international community of Athens and Greece depend on daily.

Our vision and mission is to connect people with information, resources, services, and experiences that contribute to their personal and professional journeys in Greece. Wanting always to provide our readers with the very best our city and country has to offer, we absolutely love spreading the word about uplifting news, inspiring stories, creative ideas, valuable information, and exciting events.

We are a team of enthusiastic global citizens who have chosen to make Athens our home. We are passionate about living well, creating local community, and helping others to discover, experience and appreciate Greece as a global cultural hub, as well as a thriving and vibrant European country!

XpatAthens is committed to creating and providing individuals who live globally with a close connection and warm understanding of Greece's local community. As we look ahead, it is our vision to provide global citizens with resources, information and services that both connect them with and directly support the local community they are living in.

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