Athens Revives Its Emblematic Fountains

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 25 February 2021
Athens Revives Its Emblematic Fountains
"No link in the city should be broken. Life in Athens goes through its streets, squares, sidewalks and neighborhoods. Fountains are links connecting the city in this chain" said the Athens Mayor Costas Bakogiannis.

For many years, the history and culture of Athens has been strongly connected with fountains. From small ones in neighborhood squares to emblematic ones like the one at Omonia Square.

Fountains have always been a big part of the city and its everyday life. Their colorful, running waters and sculptures have always been part of our walks, our overall experience of the city, and in turn of course the relationship that we have with Athens. Especially during this period of lockdown, when a simple walk has such importance and value to each one of us. 
The project started with the construction of the fountain at Omonia Sqaure which regained its emblematic character. Today, the Municipality of Athens is making great efforts to revive 34 emblematic fountains across the city. They are being repaired and renovated in order to offer residents and visitors a much needed fresh breath. Many of these developments have been made possible by the Adopt Your City program.

The municipality is determined to continue this large undertaking with fountain renovations already started at Truman Square, Rigillis Square, at the National Research & Foundation Square, Metaxourgio Square, Egyptou Square, Plateia Amerikis  and in the areas of Fix and Patission.

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