Greece Introduces 'Click In Shop' Method Of Shopping

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 01 February 2021
Greece Introduces 'Click In Shop' Method Of Shopping
As of Saturday, Feburary 6th this method of shopping is banned, please see our "Coronavirus: Safety Measures Taken In Greece" article for updates.

Greece has taken another necessary step to limit the spread of Covid-19, as part of the ongoing lockdown measures. One of the newest changes currently in effect is the 'Click in Shop' method of shopping at all retail stores across the country.

More specifically, all retail stores that sell clothes, shoes, and books - including the ones located in large shopping malls -  will now operate with the Click in Shop process as part of the government's effort to curb overcrowding in public spaces.

Click in Shop means that consumers make appointments in advance to shop in person inside retail stores thus allowing only a limited number of consumers in a store at the same time. All other stores will continue to operate by the 'Click-Away' method which means consumers place their orders from home and then collect their items from outside the store and by appointment only.

Click in Shop requires the customer to select and book the product they wish to buy, either online or via phone. Then, they will make an appointment in order to visit the store, try on the preselected items and make their purchase. They can also browse the store and try on other products as well, as long as they don't exceed the specified time limit for each customer. Appointments are scheduled based on the size of a store and the number of employees working at the time of the appointment, in order to avoid overcrowding. Remember that sending an SMS is still mandatory for leaving your home!

The main advantage of the Click in Shop method is that it actually offers consumers the opportunity to try on products, an option that the Click-Away system does not offer. Although the aim of the try-on option is to minimize the chances of returning products, customers will still be able to do so - strictly by appointment - and all return and warranty rights will still be valid. With regard to payment methods, consumers will be able to pay in cash is they like, with the cash limit set at €500. This is an additional advantage of the Click in Shop method, as the previous system in the majority of cases worked only with credit and debit cards. 

The duration of this new method of shopping will be determined based on the epidemiological data gathered daily by authorities. Retail businesses will work to ensure that all the necessary protection measures and operation regulations of the Click in Shop model are maintained.

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