Alchemia - Handmade Self Care Rituals


More than a brand

This brand came to life as one with the newborn daughter of Alkistis Venetopoulou, founder and CEO of Alchemia. One month after giving birth to her second daughter she realized she had very sensitive skin. It was lockdown and her options were limited. Like all mothers, she had to be resourceful. So she read and read until she made a natural soap in her own home. She formulated her first soap and the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Alchemia is not just a brand; it's a movement that celebrates slow beauty and the art of self-care rituals. They define self-care rituals as the everyday routines in our life that are practiced with intention. What makes ritual special is that there is a meaning behind it- a sense of awareness and a reward for why you’re doing it. From drinking water to showering, to a facial they invite you to do it mindfully and set an intention.

Buying better is buying less

Their products are aiming to simplify things, products that have a purpose to do more with less. Everyday clean, effective skincare made with purpose. Minimal Self-Care Rituals for all, serving you and the planet. Simplicity and rituals run in their DNA and they believe that buying better means buying less. Their design philosophy is minimalist, and it places an emphasis on recycling, clean ingredients, reducing production and packaging waste, and a discreet branding aesthetic.

Simplicity and empty spaces give rise to a great universality, managing to embrace the feelings and thoughts of anyone. Their products offer timeless, iconic, necessities that last long, and are reusable while serving you and the environment.