Zairis Patisserie



The Beginning
Our story begins back in 1947 when 12-year-old Adamantios Zairis started working at the famous Galanos Pastry Shop in Andros Town. He soon discovered his talent, passion, and love for pastry making and decided to further his knowledge and skills by working at Zonar’s, the most famous pastry shop in Athens. In 1961, he returned to Andros and together with his brother, Dimitris Zairis, opened a pastry shop on the main pedestrian street of Andros Town. Soon, the shop would become a reference point for the island’s locals. In 1972, now alone, he continued his journey into the world of pastry making by opening his own confectionery workshop in Messaria, where our patisserie is located to this day.

The Second Generation
In 1995, his son Leonidas Zairis took over the family business, initiating a new era at the crossroads of various gastronomic influences. With a deep knowledge of traditional sweets and always using ingredients of excellent quality, he began to experiment with new original recipes in an effort to meet the demands of modern consumers. In 2010, Zairis Patisserie underwent a complete makeover of its facilities that resulted in a confectionery workshop that meets the highest hygiene standards and a shop that surpasses the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our Timeless Values
The quality of our ingredients is what matters most to us. All our products are made with top-quality ingredients, such as fresh butter, eggs, and milk, seasonal fruit for spoon sweets, thyme honey from local producers for our traditional sweets, and, of course, the exceptional Callebaut chocolate from Belgium.