Kostarelos Greek Delicacies


Three generations of cheesemaking!

Always true to their values, Kostarelos have been producing fine cheese and dairy in their own facilities for three generations. When they began their cheesemaking back in 1937 all they had was good quality milk and a handful of traditional recipes; the basic two elements that until today form the foundation of their products’ exceptional taste.

Taking the above a step further, they constantly search for new ideas, bringing in their creativity and technical background, to create high quality, authentic flavours. At the same time they seek and form long-term relationships and collaborations with farmers and small Greek artisan producers, who share their philosophy.

A heritage that turned into a tradition! 

The story begins back in 1937 when their family started making cheese and yoghurt with milk from their farm to treat the guests of their tavern in Markopoulo. In the 1960s they created their cheese and dairy facilities in the same area, expanding from a small dairy production to an integrated, structured production process, still preserving to this day key traditional elements.

Building on their family’s heritage, Kostarelos Greek Delicacies still share the same vision in the making of exclusive products; with a constant focus on quality, they collect milk from selected small Greek farms and make cheese, yoghurt, rice puddings and other dairy. Today, their cheese and dairy production supplies their network of seven retail stores, where one can source and savour their cheese and dairy, as well as products from Greek artisan producers, who have become trusted partners over the years.