Agorá Marketplace - A Space For Sharing Stories & Products By Greek Creators


  • Title: Agorá Marketplace - A Space For Sharing Stories & Products By Greek Creators
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In Ancient Greece, public life was at its most vibrant in the agorá! It was a public space that played a significant role in every aspect of social life - it also served as a marketplace where merchants kept stalls or shops to sell their products.
It is this idea that inspired us to create our own Agorá in the form of an open digital space on our trusted platform where the international community can gather, navigate, and discover the stories and products of local Greek businesses, designers, food producers, artists, authors, and independent creators.

The XpatAthens Agorá Marketplace is a digital space
for sharing stories about Greek creators and their products! 

Would you like to post in our Agora? 
Telling your story and sharing your products in the Agora Marketplace is free of charge. If you would like to share your story, please get in touch with us.
Why did we create the Agorá Marketplace? What’s behind the idea?
Our Agorá was created with the intention of connecting the international community with local Greek products, and the stories of their creators. We strive to bridge our readers with the local community in order to enhance their experience of living in Greece, while also supporting local businesses. The Agorá is a digital marketplace where our community of global citizens can gather and explore local Greek products of quality, value and authenticity. 

Who benefits from the Agorá Marketplace?
Everyone. Our Agorá is a space dedicated to supporting local businesses and local creators by telling their stories and sharing their products; while giving Greece’s international community the chance to discover local products and support local businesses. In other words, this unique space on XpatAthens benefits both our readers and local Greek businesses. 

Why share your products in our marketplace?
Sharing your story and your products in our digital marketplace means that you’ll be seen by our unique community of readers who follow us both locally and internationally. Our Agorá is about connecting people with local Greek products and we do this with the intention of sharing and connecting our readers with local businesses.

Note, products are never purchased directly from XpatAthens, they are simply showcased (shared) in our Agorá.