Alexandra Theohari is the founder and designer of KLOTHO.

KLOTHO was founded in 2016 in Crete, a place she calls home by now although she was born and raised in Thessaloniki, a town in North Greece. She found herself in Crete after completing her degree in English Literature. She went on studying the History of Arts at the University of Crete and a few years later she attended a course on Fashion Design.

On this magic island, full of positive energy, friendly people, strong local colour and ancient tradition, amazing landscapes and fertile land she met her husband and gave birth to their four beautiful children. She easily fit into the local culture and soon felt a strong attraction for the island’s traditional crafts.

The day she accidentally found herself at the weaving studio of the Monastery of St. Irene in Rethymno was fated. She was impressed and inspired by the fine textures, the exquisite quality of fabrics coming out of huge looms, destined to become habits for priests. She was convinced that these looms could source the raw material for high end, artisanal garments carrying cultural value at the same time. A few days later she had renovated her grandma’s loom and started working and experimenting under the guidance of the nuns who are top weavers and really owe them a lot.

That was just the beginning of KLOTHO’s journey.