Nine Lives Greece



Nine Lives Greece is a network of volunteers dedicated to the reduction of the stray cat overpopulation through trap-neuter-return programmes.

Their volunteers try their best on a daily basis to improve the quality of life for existing street cats through feeding programmes, routine anti-parasite treatment, and veterinary care for ill or injured felines. Each year they get hundreds of stray cats in Athens neutered/ spayed (1,700 cats in 2020 alone) and help improve the quality of life of some 500 street cats through daily feeding programmes and veterinary care. They also try to find responsible homes for as many stray or abandoned cats and kittens as possible.

You can support their work by purchasing a beautiful cat calendar, a stylish T-shirt, bag or hoodie, or our Cat Tails book with true stories of adopted former stray cats. Every cent of profit from Nine Lives merchandise sales directly helps street cats in Athens through vet care and feeding.