MILI LO - Custom Gifts


  • Title: MILI LO - Custom Gifts
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  • Designer or Shop Name: MILI LO Event Design & Planning
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MILI LO is a boutique event design and planning company based in Athens, Greece. Their style is warm, sophisticated, authentic, and refined, and their team is made up of highly professional and experienced individuals who perfectly curate weddings in Greece, marriage proposals, traditional baptisms, social soirees among other intimate events and bespoke services.

Emily, the Founder and Event Curator at MILI LO will help you orchestrate all the important details that will go into creating exceptionally meaningful moments. Having a sharp eye for finer details and a deep understanding of the value of quality, their events are always a reflection of your unique character and style, and their expertise in creative décor and event planning. 

No matter where you live in the world, their personalized love gifts can be sent to your partner, a parent or grandparent, your child, a friend, or even to a teacher or colleague. From custom designed scrapbooks with your own pictures, handwritten messages, to tastefully designed ‘love in box’ surprises, their personalized gifts are tailor-made to meet your needs, reflect your unique personality, and express your feelings of love and gratitude.