Athens Science Festival 2022


Athens Science Festival 2022

1 big celebration | 3 days of science, technology and innovation | top keynote speakers from around the world | live experiments | chemistry shows | interactive exhibits and activities | kids labs | workshops for adults

We are moving towards the future at an accelerated speed, but where are we really heading to? What challenges will we face and what do we expect to encounter? The Athens Science Festival 2022 (AFS), after three years, returns into its physical format, with the intention of taking us into the future – into the Worlds of Tomorrow!

From 21 to 23 October 2022, Technopolis City of Athens will welcome the leading scientific event of the capital, which since 2014 brings to the forefront the most modern developments in the field of science, technology, innovation and art.

The program of ASF 2022, inspired by Foresight, the strategic exploration of different possible versions of the future, connects us to “Tomorrow” and highlights how the scientific study of the past and present can both shape and shield the future.

In an ever-changing world, science consistently observes and provides the resources for development. Will artificial intelligence be the next step in education? Can climate change shape ecologically conscious generations? How is rapid technological development transforming art and science? Is rubbish the raw materials of the future?

Through talks by top keynote speakers from around the world, impressive live experiments, chemistry shows, interactive exhibits and activities, workshops for adults, children labs and many other events, the festival will attempt to answer the questions and raise new ones. 

Keynote speakers:

This year, as every year, top keynote speakers will attend the festival to share their knowledge and expertise on a number of key issues that concern “Today” and will concern “Tomorrow”. 

Among them, the Communication Officer of the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change and columnist for the digital magazine Climate Foresight Alessandra Mazzai will attend the festival with a talk on climate change, with the title "Climate: Are we prepared for change?"

Moreover, David Theo Goldberg, director of the Humanities Research Institute at the University of California, in his speech with the title, "Quantum thinking: How revolutionary is it?" focuses on the quantum thinking and whether it offers a new way of addressing our pressing social challenges. 

We shall wait for you at this great celebration of science to discover together the Worlds of Tomorrow!

The Athens Science Festival is organized by the educational organization “Science Communication – SciCo”, the British Council and the Technopolis City of Athens with the invaluable contribution from a plethora of academics, research and educational institutions.

Stay tuned for more science news!