Escapism Ιn Athens - FokiaNou Art Space


  • When: 19 Jan 2023 - 04 Feb 2023
  • Where: Fokianou 24, 7th Floor, Pagrati 
  • Title: Escapism Ιn Athens - FokiaNou Art Space
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Escapism Ιn Athens - FokiaNou Art Space

Life is inherently stressful, especially when you live in the big city. We often experience unpleasant, boring, even miserable moments that we would rather avoid. We seek escape from them through activities that take the mind and body away from problems and everyday life. Methods of escape vary with each individual, including travel, reading, music, music, sports, dancing, gardening, as well as drugs and alcohol, aimless walking through the city, casual sex, perhaps even the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing. Exploring what leads us to relaxation, joy and daydreaming, the small doses of happiness in the city, FokiaNou Art Space, continuing its January group exhibitions with Athens as its subject, held an open call asking artists to showcase the most characteristic Athenian expressions of escapism, in any medium.

Participating artists:  Marianeli Anastasiadou, Maria Argyrakopoulou, Maria Bourbou, Mary Cox, Sofia Charoni, Katerina Christou, Dimitris Chryssafidis, Adrienne Delbecq-Backos, Dimitra Gounari, Constantina Halkia, Vasiliki Kanellou, Maria Karasavvidou, Yorgos Kostakis, Kalliopi Kouklinou, Kostas Lales, Panos Liapis, Dimitra Maltabe, Despoina Pantazi, Lea Petrou, Eleutheria Rapanaki, Geeta Roopnarine, Stella Sevastopoulos, Christina-Sylvia Simantira, Iliana Theodoropoulou, Georgia Maggy Touliatou.

Curated by Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris

FokiaNou Art Space is an artist-run project space in the intimacy of a small apartment in an old building in the center of Athens. The space encourages collaborative creative efforts between Greek and foreign artists, thereby promoting and supporting the local art community. Since 2016, under the direction and curatorship of visual artists Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris, over 50 exhibitions have been held, as well as workshops and talks. 

Opening:  Thursday, 19 January 18.00
Duration:  19 January – 4 February 2023
Hours:  Thursday – Saturday 17.00-20.00
FokiaNou Art Space, Fokianou 24, 7th Floor, Pagrati 
Μetro:  Evangelismos