Phoenix Athens - Wunderkammer : A Cabinet Of Curiosities


Phoenix Athens - Wunderkammer : A Cabinet Of Curiosities

Phoenix Athens proudly presents the group exhibition Wunderkammer : A Cabinet of Curiosities with works by Dimitri Yin, Paperman, Karl Heinz Jeron, Melina Fakitsa, Yiorgos Kaltsidis, Stefan Riebel and Anna Theodorakis.

The Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities, is the name given to relics and objects of natural history that were presented in museums and cultural spaces in the sixteenth century. The exhibition questions the notion of the exotic as well as the dialectic between memory and normative canons in contemporary art by exploring the dialogues and interrelationships between narratives of artists from different backgrounds and the manner in which they employ “craft” as a pathway towards [free] individual expression. 

The spectacle of the inane, the sensation of the obvious or the hidden gem, the diamond in the rough, l’idée “insolite” as the French say ? There is of course fool’s gold, the epiphanic revelation, the freakish paroxysm, jubilant enchantment and hidden secrets revealed.

More specifically, the exhibition addresses healing and rebuilding broken and rebuilding through symbols and histories. In a time when the art world is replete with assemblages, appropriation and desperation, the exhibition is an effort to rekindle our fascination with the curious and the curiouser, redefining our notion of mysticism, memory and questioning into the realm of more universal memories and potentially concrete outcomes.

Gallery days & hours: Monday to Friday 12 - 6 pm - Saturday and Sunday by appointment

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