Phoenix Athens Gallery & Residency



Phoenix Athens is a non-profit art gallery and residency in Athens that provides workshops and opportunities for local and international creatives to develop and showcase their practice in Greece.

As a venue for art appreciation and education, Phoenix Athens explores the myriad ways in which artists, thinkers and designers contribute to the well-being of societies. We invite local and international creatives and academics to come and develop their professional practice within the dynamic community of Neapoli-Exarcheia in Athens through our residency program: Villa Exarcheia.

The aim of this residency is to encourage artist and designers to fine tune their craft and skills and to engage with the community in a way that benefits both parties. Residents are encouraged to share and exchange ideas with the public through workshops, talks and exhibition. Phoenix Athens also welcomes joint-partnerships and cooperation with scholars and academics wishing to complement course requirements or research.

Phoenix Athens features two galleries on 87 and 89 Asklipiou Street. These centrally located commercial fronts double as workspaces and feature natural light as well as tools/facilities for production.

XpatAthens is proud to be a Non-Profit Sponsor of the Phoenix Athens Gallery & Residency