FokiaNou Art Space - Join Life/ Like a Virgin


FokiaNou Art Space - Join Life/ Like a Virgin
“Join Life / Like a Virgin” is a collaborative exhibition showing a one-by-one juxtaposition of the small-format collages of Leto Moustakaki and the photography of Nikos Stamatopoulos, long time family friends. After years of being separated, they were reintroduced to each other’s perspective through their art and discovered many common themes throughout their respective collections, despite the different mediums. Leto feels her work is a commentary on Nikos’ and Nikos feels his work is a commentary on Leto’s, so it is left to the viewer to decide the parallels and messages in each pair. Join us on Tuesday, 10th September at the FokiaNou Art Space for the opening “Join Life / Like a Virgin”, with cocktails served on FokiaNou’s rooftop terrace. The exhibition will run through Wednesday, 25th September.

Leto Moustakaki was born in Athens where she lives and works. She grew up in Sparta, where she was involved with photography and mosaics. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, graduating in 2014. She also attended stained glass lessons of Tiffany's method, drawing lessons for a year and sculpting for four years at the Art Workshops of Agia Paraskevi. Sound is now part of her artistic research.

Born in Sparta in 1986, Nikos moved to Athens at the age of 18 to study acting. In 2012, when he left Athens, his artistic focus moved away from acting while still utilising his body and his ability to challenge ideals as he started taking photos. His style evolved as he moved between London, Santorini, Singapore, Bali, and now Malta, with a central theme of pushing boundaries, pulling inspiration from vintage porn. Nikos has gained a large following in the queer community for his provocative snapshots that play on color, spontaneity, and often erotic content in cheeky context. Nikos' art has been published by a number of queer art magazines and has shown at Queer Art Festival: Civil Disobedience 2016- 2018 in Athens, Greece and at He 2017: Questioning and Queering "Masculinity" in Los Angeles, California.

Opening: Tuesday 10 September 2019, 19.00
Duration: 10-25 September Hours: Wednesday to Saturday 17.00-20.00