What's The Immaterial Value Of Your Work?

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 09 January 2020
What's The Immaterial Value Of Your Work?
There are people who view work as a financial necessity. With the money earned, you can pay the bills and go on holiday. But shouldn’t work be a lot more than just a means to provide for oneself? Those who enjoy what they do, can grow and flourish.

Through work you contribute to society.  This entails that working in any profession will give you purpose. You know why you do what you do, and it gives you a good feeling. This positive experience of working is often strengthened by the interactions with others. Even in the most individualistic professions being in contact with likeminded people and business relations is inevitable. Networking is for example fully integrated in the current professional landscape and is being perceived as pleasant by a large part of the working population. Understandably, as at any average networking event you get to know existing relations better and meet new people. That also gives purpose to your life.


“You are what you do”; a very well-known saying. Do the work that fits you and your profession is actually a part of who you are. It brings your best assets forward and ensures that your identity develops. Those who work, are in a way walking the never-ending path of identity shaping. Along the way, often you will be forced to evolve your best qualities, like creativity or patience – just because your work demands this of you. This automatically forces you to be the best version of yourself. And this increases your happiness; both on a personal as on a professional level.

Those who can list the non-monetary advantages of their job, are the ones who can give meaning to the term ‘professional happiness.’ Do you sometimes wonder why you get up every morning? Do you understand why you’ve chosen your current profession? If you can consciously stand back and see the positive aspects of your work, you will go home after a day’s work feeling fulfilled. And more so, you’ll get to know yourself better and are simultaneously giving purpose, being mindful and shaping your identity.

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