How To Stop Feeling So Busy All The Time

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 26 April 2022
How To Stop Feeling So Busy All The Time

The frantic rhythms of daily life often make us feel exhausted, draining our energy, making us function almost mechanically, striving to make time for everything and fulfill all of our obligations. In fact, connectivity is responsible for this situation because it makes us feel that we need to be alert at all times, with tons of redundant notifications bombarding us non-stop. 

All of the above lead to us constantly feeling busy and not being able to devote time to ourselves. But are we really that busy? Maybe the problem lies in the way we manage our time. Below, let's see some tips on what we can do to give our brain and body a chance to reset, restore, and cope with the stresses of everyday life!

Realize That Time Is Limited

No matter how hard we try to do everything, the day only has 24 hours. We have to come to terms with the fact that time is a precious yet limited commodity, and we cannot change that. It is also important to come to terms with our human nature - we are not superheroes, and we can not do everything. If we do not accept the above, we will be in a constant state of anxiety, trying to do much more than we can actually do, undermining our productivity and the quality of the result of our efforts.

Prioritize Work 

It is crucial to have a clear picture of what needs to be done and when. Sure, every task is important, but some tasks are just more important than others. First, we deal with what needs to be done immediately and leave the rest for later if there is any time left. We don’t need to force ourselves to work on something that can be done at a later time when we will be less busy and able to focus exclusively on it.

Don’t Rush Things

When we feel really busy, it makes sense to try to do everything as fast as we can. However, rushing things leads to mistakes, which will create more stress, and we will also have to fix them, which will ultimately cost us more time.

Schedule Extra Time 

Things usually take longer than we expect. So, we make sure that we always schedule extra time for tasks that could need more time. And, if the project didn’t require that extra time, we can use it for other tasks or for a much-needed break!

Give Time Away

Devoting some of our valuable time to a good cause, such as spending time with family or helping a friend in need, can actually help us be more productive. This is because subconsciously doing something successfully, such as advising a friend, works as a confirmation of our potential and our self-worth.