Brand Partners

XpatAthens aims to connect people with services, products and experiences that will enhance their personal and professional journeys in Greece. Ultimately, we want to provide our readers with the very best our city and country has to offer.

In order to do so, we invite specially selected companies to strategically align their brand with ours. As we grow – striving to continuously improve our services and perfect our user experience – we are aligning our brand with industry partners who complement our vision and who share in our common interests.

We believe that a partnership with XpatAthens is an opportunity to enrich your brand, build quality affiliation, and benefit from building quality traffic from a highly niche community. Contact us here to tell us about your brand.

The benefits of becoming an XpatAthens Brand Partner include:

Sponsored Content

We publish content that thoughtfully and strategically promotes your services to our readers, always with your brand specific visuals and links.

Sponsored Newsletters

We create and share sponsored newsletters that creatively and effectively showcase your services to our subscribers.

Logo Placement

We feature your logo on our partners page, introductory emails, and newsletter sign-up emails to show our brand alliance.

Social Amplification

Your business and content is shared with our engaged followers throughout the year on our popular social media platforms.

Banner Advertisement

We feature visual brand content (banner ads) on our website and in our weekly newsletter to promote your business and service.

Directory Placement

Your business will have its own dedicated profile listing in our directory of businesses.



XpatAthens Appreciatively Works With These Brand Partners.

Gold Partners

Silver Partners