Traditional Greek Wedding Gifts

  • by XpatAthens
  • Sunday, 02 October 2016
Traditional Greek Wedding Gifts

If you have ever had the opportunity to have to shop for traditional Greek wedding gifts, you will already know that the supply of such items is in abundance all over Greece and its islands.

The Greek wedding has not changed very much over the years and is now known by those who choose to marry by the traditional method as the Ancient Greek Wedding. The wedding ceremony lasts for 3 days and starts with the proaulia which means pre wedding ceremony. This takes up the first day of the start of the ceremony. The proaulia is followed by the gamos. This is the wedding day itself and celebrations will typically take place all day and into the evening. Day 3 is known as the epaulia (post wedding) and this consists of the closing of the ceremonies.

Until more recently it was not expected to present gifts at Greek weddings and a common sight would be guests pinning money on the bride. These days however it is traditional to take wedding gifts directly to the church on the day. Although Greece has preserved some of its ancient formalities at weddings, the presentation of traditional Greek wedding gifts is rarely experienced these days as much of Greece now follows the close to the footsteps of the modern world. Don’t be surprised if the bride or groom hand you a wedding list containing such items as a kettle or coffee machine to a vacuum cleaner, washing machine and so on.

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