The Klonaridis - Fix Park Regains Its Former Glory

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 27 May 2021
The Klonaridis - Fix Park Regains Its Former Glory
After months of renovations, the Klonaridis - Fix park, located in the heart of Athens, has been transformed into a green oasis. Now, it is a fully sustainable urban park, designed according to international trends in landscape architecture and environmental design. 

Through the "Adopt Your City" program, Olympic Brewery and FIX Hellas have actively supported the Municipality's effort to turn the historic park into an aesthetically pleasing breath of fresh air that will significantly improve the capital's urban landscape. 

The Municipality's specialized crews carried out multiple renovation works, including the replacement of the park's pathways with permeable ones, the installation of new urban equipment (benches, garbage bins, etc.), the replacement of all street lamps with energy-efficient LED lights, and the restoration of the fountain. 

Based on a study by Ecoscapes, a landscape design company, in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Department of Athens, more than 4,500 pollution-tolerant Mediterranean plants were planted in the park. Also, a perennial meadow was created, something that hasn't happened before. 

On the southern part of the park, one will find a stunning biodiverse garden consisting of evergreen Mediterranean shrubs and aquatic plants surrounding the fountain. The lawn on the eastern part was replaced, making the area perfect for outdoor activities. Last but not least, watering cans and feeders were installed for all the birds living in the park.

The park's benches were designed by students from the AKTO educational group in the context of a wider collaboration with the Olympic Brewery, giving an artistic touch to the spaces.

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