School In Trikala Joins Pioneering Nutrition Program

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 09 September 2019
School In Trikala Joins Pioneering Nutrition Program
The Municipality of Trikala has recently got the first school canteen where snacks are nutrient-rich and their ingredients sourced from small local producers.
The canteen at the 6th Primary School of Trikala aims to pave the way for better nutritional habits–inside and out of the schools–by encouraging the use of local organic food products.
The Deputy Mayor of Trikala, Mr. Akis Anastasiou, said that joining the 'BioCanteens: Sustainable School Meals For Green And Healthy Local Food Systems' program is both great for our children's nutrition and local economies.
It is worth noting that at the same school food waste will be turned into electricity that will cover part of the energy needs of the school. According to Mr. Anastasiou, the food that would otherwise go to waste will end up in a small energy production plant. There, with a safe and odor-free process, it will be turned into the energy required to illuminate the school's surroundings!
Once more, the pioneering town of Trikala, embarks on a remarkable journey towards better nutritional and environmental practices and the municipality officials aim to integrate the program to every school in the town.

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Translated By: XpatAthens