The 10th International Basketball Coaches Clinic At ACS Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 17 May 2019
The 10th International Basketball Coaches Clinic At ACS Athens
Renowned coaches from the NBA, NCAA, Euroleague, and the Greek league shared their expertise in the top athletic workshop. “Better our game, better one another!”

On May 4-5, 2019, ACS Athens attracted more than 150 coaches from around the world (Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Israel, Switzerland, Egypt, Finland, Ukraine) as it welcomed four elite coaches from the NBA, NCAA, Euroleague, and Greek League level, in order to share their knowledge and expertise with other basketball enthusiasts at the 10th International Basketball Coaches Clinic.

Four experienced coaches, David Blatt (head coach of Olympiacos BC), Rob Fodor (shooting coach of the Miami Heat), Beth O’Boyle (women’s head coach of Virginia Commonwealth University) and Argyris Pedoulakis (head coach of Peristeri BC) contributed to a top-notch basketball clinic, presenting interesting topics and covering broad areas in basketball coaching techniques. Beth O’Boyle shared her knowledge on the principles of the pack-line defense system and building a 4-out-of-1 in motion offense. Argyris Pedoulakis gave an interesting presentation on offensive spacing. Rob Fodor demonstrated techniques on shooting and balance, while David Blatt had an open discussion on the principles of building a successful coaching career.

ACS Athens is dedicated to promoting professional development, expanding its network across the globe through creative projects and events and bringing together leaders in their fields, forming powerful synergies. With the same approach, ACS Athens organized and hosted this major athletic and educational event, inviting prominent basketball coaches to share their knowledge with an enthusiastic audience of fellow coaches.

The two-day workshop inspired, educated and brought together a large community of coaches, leaving all participants in anticipation of the next event!

The experience was equally fulfilling not only for the participants but also for the distinguished presenters. Coach Beth O’Boyle noted: “Being a part of the 10th anniversary of the International Basketball Clinic at ACS was truly an honor. ACS Athens provides a unique experience for passionate coaches from all over the world to learn and grow their knowledge of the game.” Coach Rob Fodor was impressed by how keen the participants were: “ACS Athens and its Director of Athletics, Annie Constantinides, put on a fantastic event! The passion and enthusiasm by all those attending was a pleasure to experience; all the coaches were so well received! Great life experience for me, I hope to be back to Athens soon, and I will enjoy all my new friends and colleagues for years to come.”

The goal of the International Basketball Coaches Clinic is to inspire and help new coaches improve. As Coach Argyris Pedoulakis commented, “I thank ACS Athens for this invitation. It was a wonderful experience participating in the seminar as a speaker in a great environment. I hope we helped and inspired young coaches to become better!” Coach David Blatt also expressed his positive impression of the event, full of basketball and exchange of knowledge: “Always a pleasure to share ideas and knowledge with other coaches. In this way, we better our game and better one another.”

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