Master of Education In "Distance Education"

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015
Master of Education In "Distance Education"

Athabasca University – Canada’s Open University - was founded 1970 and awarded international recognition in the U.S. (2005) and Europe (DOATAP 6/2009). One of the top Open Universities in the world, it currently serves more than 37,000 students in 87 countries.

Athabasca University in collaboration with the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology is pleased to offer the post-graduate program, Master of Education (M. Ed.) in Distance Education, to residents of Greece and other Eastern European countries. The program is provided completely online so students can study wherever they live and work.

The M. Ed. in Distance Education Program is recognized by DOATAP - Hellenic NARIC (Protocol Number 16201/2009 & 6986/2009) and therefore accredited throughout the European Union. It is aimed at practitioners and teachers in various disciplines who are interested in the use of new educational technologies, online course development and implementation, and the design of distance education and training programs.

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