The Greek Parliament Approves Diaspora Voting Rights

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 17 December 2019
The Greek Parliament Approves Diaspora Voting Rights

The Greek Parliament has approved the bill to allow diaspora Greeks to exercise their voting rights from their place of residence. The bill was passed with a majority of 288 members of Parliament voting in favor, restoring a historic commitment that had been on hold for 44 years.

The Greek Prime Minister pointed out, that “44 years had to pass for the article of the 1975 Constitution regarding the vote of diaspora Greeks to be voted, and I am proud of the new ND government and the great inter-party consensus”.

The 4 key points that made this broad consensus possible are the following:
  1. The vote of diaspora Greeks shall be equal to that of residents of Greece.
  2. Diaspora voters will vote for the State Ballot, which will increase its seats from 12 to 15 candidates.
  3. Personal presence is required for casting a vote.
  4. Greeks who have resided in Greece for at least 2 years and have and have tax obligations will be eligible vote.
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