OECD: Greece Among The 'Smartest" Countries In The World

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 10 December 2015
OECD: Greece Among The 'Smartest" Countries In The World
Some good reportage about Greece for a change!

The OECDreleased a list that ranks countries based on the highest number of scientists per capita in fields such as mathematics, physics, technology and engineering. As it turns out Greece was placed among the 10 “smartest” countries in the world.

The first place was occupied by South Korea with 32% of students in the country studying in a scientific field, according to data from 2012. The country showed a significant drop in numbers since 2002 when percentage was 39%.

Germany came second with 31% and Sweden placed third with 28%. Sweden also placed second, after Norway, in regards to the widespread use of computers in the workplace. Finland came fourth with 28% as well, while according to the OECD most students in the country specialize in the research and production of medicine.

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Ioanna Zikakou