Scientific Secrets Of Athens: Places To Explore, Cafes To Digest Your Knowledge

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 11 April 2019
Scientific Secrets Of Athens: Places To Explore, Cafes To Digest Your Knowledge
About The Book
Athens is a place renowned for its history and culture. It is also the most famous city of ancient Greece, a part of the world where Western science is said to have been born. Many remains providing evidence of this period can be found all around, together with more contemporary scientific displays such as science museums and planetariums. The author is a native of Athens who loves travelling and writing about science. While on trips he also enjoys seeking out hidden cafes that help him relax and digest his new discoveries. This scientific guide to Athens combines all the above passions. It introduces you to little known scientific monuments such as an ancient carved calendar and the site where astronomical measurements were taken 2,500 years ago. It also informs you of museums with scientific themes, planetariums and star observatories. For each site introduced, a nearby cafe is recommended as one of the author’s favourites. A map is provided on the companion website with the locations of all cafes and places of interest. If you are a keen traveller, with an interest in science and also enjoy a good cup of coffee, this guide is definitely for you.

About The Author

Dr Vassilios McInnes Spathopoulos graduated from the University of Glasgow (UK) with a joint honours degree in Aerospace and Electronic Engineering, in 1995. The following year he completed a MSc course in Flight Dynamics at Cranfield University (UK). In 2001 he obtained his PhD from the University of Glasgow. He is currently a lecturer at Glasgow International College and is the author of several popular science and engineering books.


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