Eleni's Greek Phrase Book - A Beginner’s Guide To Greek Culture & The Greek Language

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 04 September 2018
Eleni's Greek Phrase Book - A Beginner’s Guide To Greek Culture & The Greek Language
Do you want to learn how to speak Greek? This book will help you to understand and express the basics quickly and successfully. Designed and written for electronic devices, Eleni’s GREEK PHRASE BOOK is the perfect easy-to-use resource for anyone working in or traveling to Greece.
If you are interested in a print copy, please get in touch with Eleni directly through her website here: www.lenacke.com

The Most Convenient Addition To Your Device When
Traveling, Doing Business, Or Living In Greece.
This book has over 1,000 practical and everyday Greek words and phrases and is: 

1. Easy to read and understand.

2. All of the transliterations are in English text--NO phonetic symbols!
For example: pasta [pásta] 

3. All words and phrases are also listed in Greek.
For example: pasta [pásta] πάστα

Eleni's GREEK PHRASE BOOK features: 
  • Over 60 Topics Arranged by Theme
  • A Detailed Pronunciation Guide and Transliteration System
  • An introduction to the Greek Alphabet
  • A Word List with Over 600 English-To-Greek Translations
  • Links to Useful Webpages
  • Information about Greek Culture
  • An Ingredient List for Popular Greek Foods and Desserts
  • A History of the Greek Language
  • Tips on Eating Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free in Greece
  • A List of Public Holidays and Year-Round Festivals and Events
  • LEARN GREEK Activities
  • What to do in Case of an Emergency
  • A Month-to-Month Guide on Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
  • Information about LGBTQ and Greece
  • A Basic Grammar Section
Do You Already Know A Little Greek & Want To Learn More?

This book will expand your knowledge in different situations, including:

Describing People ׀ Driving ׀ Emergencies ׀ Feelings ׀ Entertainment ׀ Food and Drink ׀ General Conversation ׀ Getting Around ׀ Seeing the Sights ׀ Shopping ׀ Festivals and Events ׀ Public Holidays ׀ Sports and Hobbies ׀ Meeting People ׀ Telling the Time ׀ Vegetarian-Vegan-Gluten Free ׀ Weather

Note, American spelling and vocabulary is used throughout, however, some common British words have also been included for our UK and other international readers.

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About the Author

Eleni Maria Georgiou is a professional copy editor, proofreader, and writer who lives in Athens, Greece.

She majored in English Literature at the University of Toronto and has minors in Modern Greek and Classical Civilizations. For over a decade, Eleni has partnered with different publishing houses, including Sage Publications, Verso Books, and New Editions. Eleni co-managed XpatAthens for four years together with her bestie, Elena.

Eleni has 2 sweet kids + 1 loving husband, is a founding member of an English-language book club, and is passionate about nutrition… and chocolate-flavored protein bars.

Eleni is bilingual in English and Greek and Eleni’s Greek Phrase Book is her first book.

For more information, please visit: Eleni's official website