Greekscapes: Illustrated Journeys With An Artist

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 03 November 2015
Greekscapes: Illustrated Journeys With An Artist
Her father did die tragically, as her instincts had warned her. Catapulted by her grief into a marriage with the wrong man, the author tried to ‘act normal’. The other wives seemed happy enough, so why wasn’t she? After twelve years of infertility tests and operations, the author’s depression was growing. Refusing drugs ‘to calm you down’, painting became her chosen method to free up her emotional stalemate.

Her persistence led to a brilliant painting mentor and then, by a twist of fate, she was on a flight to Greece asking herself, "What can I paint there?" She soon found the answer, and an epiphany in an olive grove gave her the perspective needed to change her life. But to leave everything, move to a foreign country and face colossal failure? It was tempting the Fates for a middle-aged woman on her own, with minimal resources, to believe she could turn her dream into reality - yet it was certainly worth a try. 

Through her diaries, poems, memories and paintings, Pamela Rogers, as the well-known artist Erin Dertner wrote, “ has woven a story based on her own life that captivates, inspires, elevates and transforms. It is filled with snippets of glory amidst the trudging through life that all of us can relate to. You will find yourself laughing and crying along the journey, as if you're alongside her on this unique path. She is an artist in every sense of the word. She paints, she draws you in, she embellishes her daily life with color and you will be the better for the reading and having gotten to know her.”

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Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1948, Pamela Jane Rogers earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting at the UNC- Greensboro. She later studied at the New York Art Student's League, the Vermont Studio School and with renowned NC artist Jaquelin Jenkins. In 1990 her artistic, philosophical and cultural interests inspired her move to Poros Island, where she continues her voyages with art. Her paintings are included in private and corporate collections world-wide, as well as the British Royal Collection.

After many requests by readers of her first novel, GREEKSCAPES Journeys with an Artist, this new version of GREEKSCAPES is a memoir and includes illustrations of her paintings.

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