Trizonia Island: A Secret Paradise In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 May 2022
Trizonia Island: A Secret Paradise In Greece
A minuscule gem of an island, Trizonia is the largest island and the only inhabited one in the Corinthian Gulf. It belongs to the prefecture of Fokida, and, along with the islets of Prasoudi, Planemi, and Agios Ioannis comprises a small group of islands. Rumor has it that when Aristotle Onassis was looking to buy an island of his own, he was constantly visiting Trizonia, looking for a way to acquire them.

This unspoiled getaway is an ideal destination for vacationers who seek scenic beauty combined with a peaceful serenity. On Trizonia, it’s unlikely that you will come across any cars, as they are not allowed there, and there are barely any roads for them to drive on. So, if you’re traveling with kids, this small island provides the perfect opportunity for them to run free, play endlessly, discover the world around them, and get back in touch with nature!

Trizonia is a verdant island with lush vegetation, including olive trees, almond trees, vines, prickly pears, eucalypti, and many more. Visitors can wander the picturesque port, admire the natural marina where boats and yachts dock, visit one of the seaside taverns and cafes or go for a swim on one of the island’s three beaches: Pounda, Aspra Halikia, and Kapsales. Located 2km from the port, Pounda is the largest and most beautiful beach, with fine red sand and emerald waters; a definite must-see!

How To Get There

The best thing about Trizonia is that you don’t have to travel for hours on end to get there. It’s only a 5 -minute boat ride off the coast of the fishing village of Chania, on the north side of the Gulf. And, for the best part? The boat ticket costs just 1 euro per person!

To get to Chania from Athens, travelers must follow the route Athens-Thiva-Aliartos-Livadia-Delfoi-Itea-Galaxidi-Eratini-Chania, which is 276km.

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