Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Trip To Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 10 May 2022
Common Mistakes To Avoid On A Trip To Greece
There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip and finding out you could have had a much better time had you known to make different choices. Here we’ve listed a few things worth keeping in mind when planning and going on a vacation in Greece, along with plenty of useful links to content on our site that will help make your holiday everything you hope for.

Choosing The Wrong Destination

Greece may not be among the largest European countries, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most diverse. Some Greek destinations are made for families while others are awe-inspiring and romantic, and yet others are loud, bustling, and great for young party-goers. That’s not to mention the paradisiacal regions less trodden, suitable only for nature lovers, the wine regions and the cities with their interesting gastronomy scenes and shopping. While there’s a reason to love them all, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is booking a trip to the wrong place. 

Choosing The Wrong Time To Go 

As with picking the most suitable destination, choosing the right month for your trip can make your holiday infinitely better. Greece is on a mission to grow its tourism season, and the incentives for visiting in the low season are plenty. If, for example, you do wish to go to Santorini, but also want to avoid crowds, a visit in spring is lovely. Islands famous for their scenic beaches, like Milos and Kythira, meanwhile, are wonderful places to go in the fall, when the sea is warm and most Greek and foreign tourists have gone. 

Not Sharing Food

If your favorite quote to identify with is “Joey doesn’t share food,” you may want to adapt yourself on this vacation because the average Joe might get away with that but the average Greek will tell you that that’s no way to order; plenty of dishes for the table – not just meze, but mains as well – is the best way to experience the local cuisine. This way, you get to try more things at every meal.

Overlooking The Mainland

When you picture Greece, you picture an island. Or do you? The mainland, in fact, boasts some of the most beautiful coastlines, complete with the sandy beaches and picturesque villages the islands are so famous for. What’s more, the mainland, including the Peloponnese, offers endless opportunities to see more, to easily travel by car from one destination to the next, and see things like winding mountain roads, forests that are home to bears and wild horses, rural areas and vibrant cities, waterfalls and beaches, all on the same trip.

Spending No Time In Athens

For a long time, tourists treated the Greek capital strictly as a layover – somewhere to spend one night at a hotel and squeeze in a visit to the Acropolis before heading to the islands. Thankfully, in recent years, the world has opened its eyes to the city as a destination in its own right. While the city isn’t the ultimate place for those looking to spend their whole trip on the beach, it has many other attributes. The sights are some of the most renowned on the globe, the museums are great, as is the dining and shopping, and the nightlife is unbeatable.

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