Kastoria: A Trip To A Myth

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Kastoria: A Trip To A Myth

Kastoria is one of the most interesting cities of Western Macedonia. It has incredible natural beauties, which make it the perfect travel destination all year round. The impressive byzantine monuments and the imposing mansions make Kastoria one of the most traditional and picturesque cities of Greece. The prefecture of Kastoria lies in the northwest part of Greece and the west end of Western Macedonia. More specifically in the middle of the basin that forms between Vitsi and Grammos mountains.

Westwards, Kastoria borders with Florina prefecture, eastwards and southeastwards with the prefectures of Kozani and Grevena, southwestwards with the prefecture of Ioannina, while northwestwards it borders with Albania.

Kastoria and the surrounding villages have numerous natural monuments and high constructive creations, which in combination to the warm hospitality attract thousands of people.

This city is the ideal destination for the lovers of sports and nature. The options are many and satisfy all demands. You can ski at the ski center of Vitsi or you can hike on one of the indicated paths close to wild nature. The region is really beautiful during winter time. The renowned lake of Kastoria and Aliakmonas River are the perfect choice for canoeing and long walks along the lakeside leading visitors to the peace and tranquility nature has to offer.

The Town of Kastoria has more than 75 Byzantine churches with invaluable religious monuments. The prehistoric lake settlement of Dispilo reveals a lot about the region’s route through time.

Kastoria and the neighboring villages are quite enchanting. Tradition, history and modern civilization jog along creating this unique culture of Macedonia. Klisoura, Argos, Orestiko, Korisos, Omorfoklia, are some of the villages you ought to visit. Every town and village has its own history, which makes it unique and special. Visit them and meet this earthly paradise.