Grevena, The Mushroom Capital Of Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Grevena, The Mushroom Capital Of Greece

Do you know why Grevena is called "The land of the mushrooms"? Because in the area grow more that 1.300 mushroom species! Whether you are a mushroom lover or a gourmet specialist, in Grevena you will savor the most imaginative dishes, hot mushroom soups and tasty mushroom pies cooked with wild, cultivated, powdered or dried mushrooms, and sprinkled with mushroom liquor or mushroom sauces!

Get to know the city better by taking romantic strolls along the river Grevenitis. Wander around Grevena's main squares: Eleftherias where you can admire the clock tower, the landmark of the city, and Aimilianou, where you will feel the pulse of the city’s nightlife!

Visit the Central Public Library to find historical documents on Grevena; the Boussios Mill, an exceptionally restored 19th century flour mill; the Municipal Museum which houses elephant and wild ox fossils, as well as folklore exhibits, and the Metropolitan church which hosts the ecclesiastic museum.

Welcome the opportunity to visit the nearby village Milia. The Natural History Museum there boasts a rare palaeontology collection which actually shows the largest mastodon tusks in the world, officially entered in the Guinness book of records!

Return to Grevena in August to attend the "Pan-Hellenic Mushroom Feast" organized by the “Mushroom Friends of Western Macedonia” on the banks of Venetikos river. A perfect occasion to visit the city would also be during the traditional carnival celebrations, the so-called “Anakatosaria”, that take place every February. Your trip to Grevena concludes with a half-day excursion to Mastorohoria, a beautiful complex of 25 outstanding stone villages nestled inside the dense oak-tree forest.