Discover The Wineries Of Halkidiki

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  • Tuesday, 01 October 2019
Discover The Wineries Of Halkidiki
Lovers of wine and stunning landscapes, you're in for a treat; Halkidiki, the three-legged peninsula in north-eastern Greece, is well known for its abundant nature and breathtaking coastline. There, you will discover a unique mix of traditional and modern winemaking techniques in a beautiful setting, from to the low-lying hills of Kassandra to the monasteries of Mount Athos.
Alongside its natural beauty, the region boasts excellent vineyards that, together, offer wine tours that are bound to change the way you see Greece and its wines.

Take tours around the local vineyards and their wineries, go wine tasting, and discover local grape varieties you probably never knew existed. The combination of modern winemaking techniques and longstanding traditions adds to the charm. There's no way you're going home without a bottle or three, to delight your friends and relive the experience.

Top Wineries In The Halkidiki Region

Here are some of our favorite wineries in the Halkidiki region. To keep things simple we've noted their distance from Thessaloniki.

Tsantali Winery

Location: Agios Pavlos (40km, 40mins from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: Because of the panoramic vineyard and underground cellar housing more than 2,000 barrels.

Domaine Porto Carras

Location: Neos Marmaras (125km, 2.15hrs from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: Because it is the largest organic vineyard in Greece.

Claudia Papayianni Estate

Location: Arnea (75km, 1.15hrs from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: Because of the carefully selected indigenous and international varieties, and modern winemaking techniques.

Livadiotis Estate

Location: Marathousa (75km, 1.1hrs from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: The estate's organic cultivation alongside and modern equipment produces high-quality wines.

Tsantali Mt Athos Vineyard

Location: Metohi Chromitsas (140km, 2.20hrs from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: Because of the traditional Mt Athos winemaking traditions and the sloping hillside view of the sea.

Mylopotamos Winery

Location: Mt Athos (120km, 2hrs from Thessaloniki)
Why Visit: Mylopotamos is the most significant dependency of the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra. According to legend, it was St Athanasios who first planted vines in the area.

When To Visit

Vineyards in Halkidiki are open all year round, but you will get the most out of your visit if you go during autumn or spring. Some wineries open to the public upon request, so be sure to call beforehand. In the autumn, the wineries are in full production mode, with staff tending the vines and the grape harvest in progress. You might even be lucky enough to witness grape treading and bottling. In April and May, the vines are bursting with life, and maybe you'll be able to spot the first grapes of the year.

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