Corfu – An Exquisite Greek Island Destination

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  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Corfu – An Exquisite Greek Island Destination

Described by Homer as a ‘rich and beautiful land’, the Greek Ionian island of Corfu has delighted the senses of its inhabitants and visitors for centuries. With a rich history deeply entwined in ancient Greek mythology and later subject to numerous battling civilisations, the island has been left with a conglomerate presence of stunning village architecture, fortresses, museums, temples and churches built in turn by the Corinthians, the Romans, the Venetians, the Byzantines, the French and the British.


In ancient mythology, Poseidon, the god of the sea, fell in love with and abducted the beautiful nymph Korkyra to Corfu. Today the main town, Kerkyra, still carries her name.


The island of Corfu offers so much more than the 18-30’s image that may immediately come to mind. After all, this beautiful island was the birthplace of Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, in 1921 at the Villa Mon Repos. It is also the capital of cricket in Greece, with an oval and full scale cricket ground in the centre of Kerkyra square.

At night, the town is a magical sight of amber-lit Venetian architecture, the Saint Spyridon church tower and many monuments. The shops, restaurants, tavernas and bars buzz until well past midnight with people of all ages from children to grandparents, making for a lively, chaotic yet intimate atmosphere. The locals are friendly and the restaurant owners welcome tourists from all over the world. A must see is the breathtaking and intoxicating, uninterrupted view over the sea front, the Old Fortress, port and the old town experienced on the rooftop bar and restaurant of the Cavalieri Hotel. Succulent local dishes and fresh seafood are offered and can be enjoyed with a glass of your favourite local wine. The chocolate cake dessert completes the divine experience.

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By Anastasia Paphitis