Greece's Top Ten Stops

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Greece's Top Ten Stops

I was in Athens, on a rooftop restaurant under a floodlit Acropolis, marveling at how a Greek salad never gets boring. I was reviewing, as I always do after completing an itinerary, how effectively my time was spent. I had kept my focus more on seeing historic sights on the mainland rather than luxuriating on Aegean Islands.

Given that focus, here are the top 10 stops — in itinerary order — that make what I consider the best two weeks Greece has to offer...


Athens, a big city, has obligatory ancient sights (the hilltop temple of the Acropolis, and the ruined forum of the Agora); an extremely touristy old quarter (the Plaka); and fine museums — the best in the country. Its four million people sprawl where no tourist ventures, including new immigrant zones with poor yet thriving communities. The joy of Greece is outside of Athens. See it and scram.


Delphi is a touristy little mountain resort with a breathtaking, mountainous setting. It's a long way to drive (three hours from Athens) for some ancient ruins. But learning about the oracle (whom the ancients consulted for advice) and being there in the empty cool of the early evening, you know why, in ancient times, this was considered the center of the world.

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By Rick Steves