Glug Glug Bang Bang - Borsalino Bar

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 27 December 2016
Glug Glug Bang Bang - Borsalino Bar
Enter Borsalino Bar, an intriguing addition to Kolokotroni street serving fine spirits and cocktails with soul and jazz on the speakers. Inspired by the 1930s-set French gangster film of the same name, Borsalino's atmosphere and decor harken back to an era where men wore hats non-ironically. As a result, the cocktails you'll find here are smooth and sophisticated. Try the Borsalino Blues — the seductive libation of bourbon, port, banana, camomile and buttermilk will have you hooked. At Borsalino, just when you think you're out, you get pulled back in.
Address: Kolokotroni 59, Plaka, Athens
Hours: Daily, 9 a.m.-3 a.m.
Telephone: 210 323 2222
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