Top 10 Cocktail Bars In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 06 November 2018
Top 10 Cocktail Bars In Athens
World famous for its buzzing nightlife, the Greek capital is home to some of the best bars in the world. Make your way downtown and get ready to discover some of the trendiest Athenian joints.
If you need inspiration, look no further, our list of top cocktail bars in Athens has you covered!
Located near Syntagma Square, Noel is one of our favorite bars because of its positive energy and year-round Christmas theme. Beautiful decor and excellent drinks and cocktails!
The Gin Joint is an award-winning bar that serves awesome cocktails. As its name implies, the Gin Joint is focused on gin and serves its drinks and cocktails in vintage crystal glassware.
This lively, fun bar near Syntagma Square, is a great after work meeting place. Don’t leave without trying the ‘Drunk Sinatra’, the bar’s signature cocktail!
This award-winning bar is the ideal place to taste quality cocktails blended with hand selected spirits from all over the world.
The Athens Hilton’s iconic rooftop bar is a great place to watch the Athenian sunset while sipping on an expertly prepared cocktail!
Tiki Bar is an exotic themed bar located in Athens’ historical center. It’s the place to go if you want to enjoy delicious cocktails prepared with seasonal fruits and imaginative Polynesian recipes!
The Speakeasy isn’t marked at all from the outside; it’s located at 12 Lekka street, even though you won’t see a ‘12’ written anywhere. Once you’ve figured it out, press the door bell and enter a world of 20’s charm, superb music, and exceptional cocktails.
Kolokotroni 9 a tiny bar that could easily go unnoticed. Don’t let the simple exterior put you off, because inside you’ll get the chance to taste a variety of artful cocktails prepared by attentive barmen!
MoMix is definitely one of the most creative bars in Athens. The bar’s imaginative team plays around with foams, jellies, and powders to create some of the most original cocktails in town.
Located on Praxitelous Street in central Athens, The Clumsies is an award-winning bar that serves everything from coffee and excellent food to cutting-edge cocktails.