Little Kook Themed Cafe

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 04 July 2016
Little Kook Themed Cafe
Travel blogger and author Rebecca Hall from Life Beyond Borders, explores Monastiraki and finds a Little Kook themed cafe. Here, she describes her experience and recommends it as a place to check out!

What initially draws you to this place is the huge dragon on the roof outside (not to mention the life-sized playing cards adorning the front). Located in a side street just off the Psirri district of Monastiraki (between Monastiraki and Thission metro stations), just at the ‘Street of Lights.’ Even if you get lost wandering around, you can’t help but notice it!

The menu is provided on a scroll (in Greek which is odd for its position – right in the heart of touristy Athens-but the staff speak great English and are more than happy to translate). The day I went in, I sat upstairs by the Cinderella fireplace, but had a choice of rooms! There appeared to be what I can only describe as a Christmas Carol room, but Cinderella suited me just fine.

Little KooK is predominantly a coffee and cake shop, but they do offer savoury crepes. The day I was there, I chose a salmon and Philadelphia crepe, then strawberry meringue. Yum!

Piped classical music, not too loud to be intrusive on conversation and just loud enough to create a cultured atmosphere. And it’s great for kids (of all ages). It’s popular with the Greek crowd, so expect both tourists who are more than a little intrigued, and locals who meet over the famous Greek frappe in a fun environment.

And it’s smoke free! Yes, they’ve managed to implement and keep the no-smoking rule here (those of you who know Greece and/or are frequent visitors will know how hard this is to impose!)

Little Kook themed cafe is, in essence, a place where fairytales come alive.

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