• by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 23 November 2015
The Great Greek Guilt Trip
Everybody knows families can be trying at the best of times.  Throw into the mix members of a Greek family, and you'll soon understand exactly why it is that the word 'drama' originates from Greece.

The extended Greek family is very adept at making one feel guilty for something you have, or quite possibly haven't, even done.  And usually the older they get, the better they become at it.

Here, Greek Gateway shares their Top Ten guilt-tripping lines that they can recall their Greek elders having said at least once:

10) “Αυτό θα φορέσεις?”
Literal Translation:          That's what you're wearing?
What they really mean:  This line mostly applies to women, but it can also apply to the occasional male, depending on the situation.  Sometimes the Greek parent will take a quick glimpse at what you're wearing before you dash out of the door for a night on the town with your friends,  and they'll stop you dead in your tracks to let you know that your outfit looks either 1) too provocative...2) too revealing or 3) too trashy.  Don't let it get you down though - they're just used to turtlenecks and knitted stockings.

9) “Δεν θα πας να δείς τη θεία σου?”
Literal Translation:        You're not going to see your aunt?
What they really mean: This one might be a little difficult to understand at first.  Have you ever gone on vacation to Greece and all you want to do is go island hopping and pass out on a beach? Exactly.  But sometimes, before you leave, your parents will guilt you into visiting every last aunt, uncle and cousin that you have back in the homeland, leaving you little time for fun in the sun.

8) “Τη θα κάνεις με αυτή τη δουλιά?”
Literal Translation:         What are you going to do with that job?
What they really mean: Are you currently employed as a Doctor or lawyer? Bravo!  Your Greek parents think the world of you.  But wait...you're not? What's thay you say?  You work in computer science You write for a newspaper? You're a professional photographer?! “Τη θα κανίες μαι αυτή τη δουλιά?!!!”

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