Where To Fly A Kite In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 28 February 2020
Where To Fly A Kite In Athens
Kathara Deytera (Clean Monday) is one of the most favored holidays in Greece. Not only because of the delicious Lenten food, but also because it marks the beginning of spring and is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors.
The most significant Kathara Deytera tradition is kite flying; families and friends head to the city’s parks, hills and open spaces to fly their kite. Weather permitting, because a little breeze is imperative to get the kite up into the air, the Athenian sky becomes a beautiful sight, filled with kites of all shapes and colors.
If you're wondering where exactly you can fly a kite in Athens, here some of our top suggestions:

Syggrou Park

Syggrou Park is a lush urban paradise in the northern suburbs of the city, between Maroussi and Kifissia. This 950-acre park is a verdant heaven filled with pine trees, firs, cypresses and almond trees. Here you will find cycling paths, footpaths, basketball, football and volleyball courts and quite a few clearings to practice your kite flying skills.


Located approximately 70 kilometers from the city center, Sounio is an ideal Kathara Deytera destination. Around Sounion you will find plenty of beaches such as Legrena, Saronida and Agia Marina and open spaces to let your kite fly up into the air. After flying your kite head to a seaside tavern to enjoy a traditional Lenten lunch.

Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is the perfect place to go and fly your kite if you don’t want to leave too far from the city center. Located just a few minutes away from the lively Kolonaki neighborhood, Lycabettus offers amazing views to the city and plenty of open spaces ideal to send your kite soaring!
Philopappos Ηill

Philopappos Hill is the most traditional and popular kite flying spot in Athens. Every year the City of Athens organizes a celebration with live music, Lenten food, and traditional dances! We advise you to take the Metro to Acropolis station and continue on foot because on Kathara Deytera, traffic and parking can be really bad.