How To Make A May Day Flower Wreath

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 27 April 2020
How To Make A May Day Flower Wreath

May Day or Protomagia is one of the most anticipated holidays in Greece. The 1st of May is also Labor Day and is celebrated in many counties across the world. Taking place during the peak of the flower season, Protomagia is profoundly connected to flowers. Flower shows and festivals are very common during the month of May and people spend time grooming their yards, balconies, and gardens.

Since most families spend the 1st of May holiday in the great outdoors, making a wreath out of wildflowers is one of the most iconic Greek Protomagia traditions. The wreaths are then hung on entrances, doors, and balconies and are left to dry until they are burned on June 24, for the celebration of St John the Harvester.

Even though wreaths are sold in flower shops, at regional flower festivals, and even on the street, making your own is even better. The result will probably not be as skilful as a store brought wreath, however it’s a great and rewarding family activity.

Don’t forget to bring along your gardening shears, some string or florist wire, and loads of enthusiasm!


Watch this video to see how to make a beautiful flower wreath for your home. (Greek Only)


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