Is The Coronavirus A Chance For Global Reset?

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 26 March 2020
Is The Coronavirus A Chance For Global Reset?

According to world-famous trend forecaster Li Edelkoort, the coronavirus pandemic will lead to "a global recession of a magnitude that has not been experienced before" but will eventually allow humanity to reset its values.

"A Quarantine Of Consumption"

"It seems we are massively entering a quarantine of consumption where we will learn how to be happy just with a simple dress, rediscovering old favourites we own, reading a forgotten book and cooking up a storm to make life beautiful," she said. However, the virus could have environmental benefits, she explained.

"The recent pictures of the air above China showed how two months without production cleared the skies and allowed people to breathe again," she said. I fact, carbon emissions and pollution from the Chinese industry have significantly decreased since the virus first hit China last December.

"I Am Hopeful For A Better System"

"And this is where I am hopeful for: another and better system to be put in place with more respect for human labor and conditions."

"Stop Organizing Today"

Edelkoort said that other event organizers should stop planning straight away. "Anyone still planning public events in the coming months might as well stop organizing today and find innovative ways to communicate and relay the information differently," she said. "Unfortunately, in this disaster, there is no immediate cure," she added. "We will have to pick up the residue and reinvent everything from scratch once the virus is under control."

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