Luxury Problems

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 30 December 2019
Luxury Problems

With New Year just around the corner we are hearing more and more about the needs of our fellow-men. About the problems they face, their difficulties and how we may help. I often wonder if everything is fine and if there are no problems the rest of the time. But that’s another discussion.

So we hear about young children on the street, orphanages that need clothes and food, NGOs in need of things, of our time, of anything we can offer. Usually at this time of year most of us are moved and do our best to help. But that’s not all we hear. Just recently a couple in the subway had a conversation. The woman had forgotten her sunglasses at home.

"I can’t believe I forgot them. It’s not possible. How am I going to go around without my sunglasses? " "You may take mine if you want" offered the man. "Are you serious? These are old fashioned," replied the woman (she was talking about a pair of Raybans). “I definitely have to buy new ones right away. I’ll get in the first store we find. I can’t function unless I have at least two or three pairs.” And she continued laughingly: "I’m telling you, it’s a huge problem.” On the opposite seat two young men were discussing. "So you didn’t get the new smart TV you were looking for. And how are you going to watch all the Euro League soccer games my friend? With the ancient model you got last year? And may I tell you something else? When you told me you were going to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your girlfriend and your parents at home I was shocked. You won't even go clubbing? That’s certainly not the way to get through the Holidays. What a drag! " 

As you’re reading this I'm sure you can bring to mind a lot of “problems” you've heard of yourself. But broaden your horizon for a minute and think. Because if you have health, food to eat, a roof over your head, your kids go to school, you can get through financially (even if it’s with difficulty) you are one of the few privileged people on this planet!

And then you have what I call "luxury problems". For example "whether to put on the green or yellow dress" or "whether or not aunt Amelia will invite you to her party this year." What do you think, are they really really problems? Are they substantial problems? Do they affect your daily life or your life in general? Let’s be grateful for all that we have and let’s offer our love and help to ourselves and to our fellow human beings not only during the Holidays but every day of the year!

Happy New Year full of Love and Health to all of us!!


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