Meteora Hiking Tour

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Meteora Hiking Tour

Enjoy amazing views from the top of the rocks and learn by our professional local guides about the history and the geological significance of the area.

Our Meteora Hiking tour starts from St. Nicolas Monastery in Kastraki village, following the same old paths the monks used, which wind their way amongst the tall rock-towers.

We pass beneath the ruined monastery of Pantocrator on the north side of the rock of Dupiani. Then the path takes us to the heart of the lush forest reaching the abandoned and restored Monastery of “Ιpapanti” and the ruins of St. Dimitrios. Afterwards, our trail turns uphill. A short walk leads us to the cliff top monasteries Varlaam and Great Meteoro where we visit one of them.

We then walk downhill to Kastraki through the rocks by the ancient path used by the monks, passing next to the cave of St. George Mandila, where every year climbers hang their scarves.

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  • When: 01 Nov 2022 - 30 Dec 2023
  • Where: Meeting point Parking of St.Nicolas Anapafsas Monastery
  • Price: from €25
  • Title: Meteora Hiking Tour
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