Venus In Fur By David Ives At Theatre Of The No


  • When: 28 Jun 2024 - 05 Aug 2024
  • Where: Kon/nou Paleologou 3, Athina
  • Price: 15€
  • Title: Venus In Fur By David Ives At Theatre Of The No
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Venus In Fur By David Ives At Theatre Of The No
Written by David Ives
Directed by Racha Gabriel
Premieres on Friday 28th June

This masterpiece impresses with its skillful blend of drama and dark comedy, seduction and kink, desire and deception, highlighting the intense erotic tensions and power games between the sexes.. A smash Broadway hit, it is hailed by the New York Times as “seriously smart and very funny”.

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The plot unfolds in the office of playwright and director Thomas Novachek, who is conducting auditions to find the ideal actress to play Vanda in his adaptation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's "Venus in Fur". Disheartened and anxious, fearing he won't find an actress good enough for the lead role, Thomas reluctantly agrees to see the tardy Vanda Jordan. This enigmatic actress, with her charismatic presence, draws Thomas into a dangerous game of power and sexual submission, raising questions about her true identity and motives for visiting the arrogant director.

"Venus in Fur" turns into a play within a play, and the audience is caught between what is "real" and what is "acted". Lines are blurred as actress and director become the characters of the play, creating a mesmerizing and thought-provoking experience.

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Written by: David Ives
Directed by: Racha Gabriel
Actors: Amaryllis Asimakopoulou, Dirk Sikorski
Dialogue/Acting Coach: David Rawstron
Lighting Designer: Fernanda Balcells
Score & Set Design: Yesh
Set & Props: Dimitris Mellos
Publicity – Communication: Eleftheria Sakareli


28th June – 5th August
Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday at 20.00


Drama Student Discount: tickets at the theatre box office for €12.
Early Arrival Discount: Α limited number of tickets are available for €5 to people arriving 1 hour before the performance.