Prometheus Bound At The Theatre Of The No


  • When: 12 Jun 2024 - 24 Jul 2024
  • Time: 20:00 - 21:30
  • Where: Kon/nou Paleologou 3, Athina
  • Price: 15€
  • Title: Prometheus Bound At The Theatre Of The No
  • Contact Number: 694 685 1001
  • Website:
Prometheus Bound At The Theatre Of The No
Theatre of the No, the first English-speaking theater in Athens, presents the Opera "Prometheus Bound" with music and libretto by Panagiotis Karousos. The production, based on the ancient tragedy written by Aeschylus, will premier on June 12, 2024, and run for a limited engagement of 7 performances, every Wednesday at 20:00, until July 24, 2024.

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"Prometheus Bound" is a melodic opera that follows the journey of Prometheus, a symbol of independence and enlightenment and infused with romanticism and lyrical exuberance, transporting the listener into a magical mysterious world.

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The timeless myth of Prometheus remains profoundly relevant, presenting humanity with the eternal dilemma of rebellion against tyrannical power in any historical era, and the destructive effect of passive attitudes. The rebellious Prometheus is the first known individual who rebelled against the authorities for the sake of the people, rebelling against the power of Zeus who was trying to exterminate the human race.

Prometheus Bound originally premiered in Montreal, Canada in 1994 and was performed intermittently in New York, Washington DC and Paris.

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About Theatre of the No

The theater, which opened its doors on April 18, 2024, with Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot" is dedicated to embracing diversity and creativity. We welcome new writers and creators from Greece and around the world to share their voices on our stage. Our programming includes a wide range of genres and styles, from thought- provoking dramas to avant-garde experiments, encompassing Modernist, Absurdist, and Experimental Theatre, as well as Music, Poetry, and Performance Art.

In 2024, THEATRE OF THE NO will stage two operas, followed by three new operas in the 2025 season, spotlighting new and upcoming opera composers and introducing young audiences to this wonderful form of art.


Composed by: Panagiotis Karousos
Prometheus: George Housakos, baritone
Io: Irini Konsta, soprano
Oceanid: Hlín Leifsdóttir, soprano
Ocean/Hermes: Stefanos Kaltsis, tenor
Piano: Christiana Manou
Stage direction: Irini Konsta


PHOTOGRAPHER: Nikos Pagonakis
SOCIAL MEDIA: Petra Tseliou
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Fail Better Productions


12th June – 24th July
Runs: Every Wednesday: 20.00
Duration: 90’
Audience arrival: 19:00 to meet the creative staff and fellow audience members


Drama Student Discount: tickets at the theatre box office for €12.
Early Arrival Discount: Α limited number of tickets are available for €5 to people arriving 1 hour before the performance.